Automotive Materials

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Whether it is steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, magnesium , or something else, you’re going to find it in a car or truck and you’re going to find it here. Even wood. Really.


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  • Lightweighting a Street-legal Honda Racing Motorcycle

    Honda has been racking up championships—Riders', Constructors' and Team—in MotoGP for years. And with the RC213V-S, it has created a lightweight bike based on a racing motorcycle that is street legal.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Carbon Fiber Comes to Performance Wheels

    Carbon Revolution's carbon fiber wheels for the Mustang GT 350R are just the beginning for this Australian company. Aerospace, heavy trucks and family cars are next.

  • Automotive Materials
  • 2016 Corvette Z06: Lightweighting for Greater Performance

    It doesn’t hurt that there is the highest-performance production engine GM has ever built under the carbon fiber hood, but lightweighting of the vehicle helps the Z06 go from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Some Little Things About Materials

    When you’re looking for weight reductions, it is the little things that matter, too.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Making Tires from Weeds (Seriously)

    While many people bring out the Roundup to get rid of those vexing dandelions, the people at Continental Tire are finding that the weeds can serve as a source for rubber.


    How Is a Car Like a Cow?

    At the recently concluded London Design Festival, there was a concept car from a student at the Royal College of Art, Yi-Wen Tseng, the likes of which is rather unusual.

    Does the World Need a Range Rover Convertible?

    If you want a quick read on how well sport utility vehicles are doing versus cars in the U.S., then it is worth taking a look at the numbers for Jaguar Land Rover, as that company clearly has both types of vehicles on offer.

    Alcoa—Not Aluminum This Time

    When you say “Alcoa” in this industry, the first thought of those in the steel industry probably runs to the 2015 F-150 and then to a word that we can’t use here.