IMTS 2014

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest and longest-running manufacturing technology trade show in the United States. The biennial event will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois September 8-13, 2014. As the show approaches, please check back for new product updates. We will also have information about new technology, pavilions to explore and conference information.


  • IMTS 2014
  • Slitting Cutter Incorporates Grooving System

    Walter with exhibit its new Walter Blaxx F5055 slitting cutter, which incorporates technology similar to the Walter Cut SX grooving system.

    VisionGauge digital optical comparator 700 Series.
  • IMTS 2014
  • Digital Optical Comparator Performs Five-Axis Inspection

    Methods Machine Tools Inc. offers the VisionGauge digital optical comparator 700 Series developed by Visionx Inc, which performs five-axis inspection to efficiently view parts from various sides and angles.

    Strausak U-Grind
  • IMTS 2014
  • Tool Grinder Supports Small Batch Regrinding

    Strausak, a division of Rollomatic, will exhibit its U-Grind five-axis CNC tool grinder at IMTS, featuring thermal stability to ease consistent, accurate, small batch production and regrinding.

             MTA brand short bar loaders.
  • IMTS 2014
  • Pneumatic- and Servo-Style Bar Loaders Offers Unmanned Production

    CNC Indexing and Feeding Technologies offers MTA brand short bar loaders in both pneumatic and servo styles.

    SFA DataXchange
  • IMTS 2014
  • Process Control Software Uses Cloud Technology

    Shop Floor Automations (SFA) will display its cloud-based machine monitoring and data collection software, DataXchange, which uses MT Connect as one of the data collection methods.


    Brembo Invests Big in Brake. . .Castings

    Generally, it seems that when people think about high-tech automotive components, they tend to think of things that are more along the lines of things silicon-based.

    Energy Use in the Future

    Seems like the energy-consumption picture is one of those that can be characterized as: “On the one hand. . .but on the other hand. . . .” At least that’s the sense from the Energy Information Agency’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report.

    Chevy & GMC Make Quick Transmission Change

    This didn’t take long.