IMTS 2014

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest and longest-running manufacturing technology trade show in the United States. The biennial event will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois September 8-13, 2014. As the show approaches, please check back for new product updates. We will also have information about new technology, pavilions to explore and conference information.


Zebra Skimmers FZ17
  • IMTS 2014
  • Tramp Oil Coalescer Offers Flexibility

    The FZ17 industrial coalescing system from Zebra Skimmers is designed to maximize coolant performance by removing tramp oils and introducing oxygen into the sump to slow bacteria growth.

    DiPaolo Juaristi Th5
  • IMTS 2014
  • Large HMCs Offer Automatically Changeable Heads

    DiPaolo Machine Tools offers Juaristi's Th5 series of large horizontal machining centers (HMCs) that can be equipped with a variety of automatically changeable heads.

    Zygo Nexview
  • IMTS 2014
  • Non-Contact Surface Profiler Measures Multiple Parts, Setups

    Zygo's Nexview 3D profiler performs non-contact surface metrology for smooth and rough samples for both production and scientific research applications.

  • IMTS 2014
  • Control Calculates Optimum Speed for Quality Surfaces

    Heidenhain will highlight its redesigned TNC 640 control, which features improved 3D program verification graphics and a “dynamic prediction” function that is said to calculate the optimum speed to achieve precise and smooth surfaces. The control offers both milling and turning capability.

    Griffo Brothers GB\GeoSolid
  • IMTS 2014
  • Software Enables Part Geometry Information Integration

    Griffo Brothers offers GB\GeoSolid for its CamLink offline Mazatrol programming software, now available with additional support for the Integrex I series and Variaxis.


    Ford Looks at Variations on a Car Sharing Theme Through Time

    Ford has created an infographic on the subject of for-hire transportation which is both informative and somewhat mystifying.

    Making Draft Selections, Automotive Style

    Car and Driver.

    Bentley Goes Racing

    It has been several years since we’ve had the opportunity to drive—maybe that should be pilot—a Bentley, but our recollection is that it is the most sumptuous and powerful car we’ve ever been in.