Gear Production

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Gear Production is a supplement to both Modern Machine Shop and Automotive Design & Production magazines. View a digital version of the supplement here. The Gear Production Zone covers all phases of gear manufacturing. That includes gear generation on traditional gear cutting and finishing equipment. Also covered is cutting gears on machining centers and other non-traditional equipment.


  • Gear Production
  • Gearbox Software Performs Design Durability Evaluations

    Comet is developing a suite of SimApps, or simulation applications, for gearbox design and manufacturing.

    Dontyne Systems Bevel Software Production Suite
  • Gear Production
  • Bevel Gear Software Eliminates Need for Dedicated Machine

    Dontyne Systems’ Bevel Software Production Suite has been expanded to include transmission error with load and roll-check analysis.

    Oelheld Vomat FA grinding lubricant filters
  • Gear Production
  • Grinding Lube Filtration System Adaptable to Changing Production Requirements

    Available from Oelheld, Vomat’s FA series of grinding lubricant filters promotes cleaner lubricant, resulting in reduced need for replacement; longer machine uptime; and tool, filter and lubricant cost savings.

    Birchwood Technologies Tru Temp
  • Gear Production
  • Low-Temp Blackening Process Protects Gears for Storage, Shipment, Startup

    Birchwood Technologies says that its Tru Temp black oxide process meets demand by gear component manufacturers for an in-house metal finishing process that provides break-in lubricity, robust corrosion protection and galling resistance on critical components.

    gear scudding
  • Gear Production
  • The Evolution of Gear Scudding

    In gear scudding, the workpiece is machined with a 60-tooth scudding cutter at a speed of 4,000 rpm, achieving 240,000 cuts per minute—as much as 10 times faster than shaping.


    Black Friday

    Today, here in the United States, it is “Black Friday.” This has nothing to do with the horrible day two weeks ago in Paris.

    Holiday Tips

    Although the holiday season is meant to be a time of joy as we visit with family and friends, some of whom are distant and so require a road trip in order to see them, it is also the case that there can be considerable levels of stress and consequent ill-manners associated with said travel.

    Lighten Up

    This is the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster: We’re running that picture not only because it is. . . well just look at it.