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It’s no longer about linkages and structures alone. Advances in everything from shocks to steering: this is the place.


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  • The Future of Automotive Transportation

    The reinvention of the car is not just going to be an exercise in transforming powertrains, particularly in the world of 2030, when 60% of the people on the planet will live in cities. Crowded cities.

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  • A Cool Steel Hose

    European cars built with air conditioning systems after 2011 will no longer be able to use R134a as a refrigerant.

  • Automotive Chassis
  • Ford Racing: Polishing The Oval

    When you think "Ford Racing," you probably think "NASCAR." Possibly NHRA.

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  • Jeep Engineering Innovation: '07 Patriot

    One of the most remarkable exercises in automotive engineering that has occurred of late is the development of the 2007 Jeep Patriot.

  • Automotive Chassis
  • ZF Takes Evolutionary Approach to 6-Speed Transmission

    After introducing a family of 6-speed automatic transmissions in 2001—6 HP 19, 6 HP 26 and 6 HP 32—ZF Friedrichshafen AG ( is turning another page via the debut of its latest iteration, the 6 HP 28, which provides improved fuel economy and quicker shift times.


    Cadillac Takes the Rearview Mirror One Step Beyond

    One of the most-helpful technologies deployed on cars of late—so helpful that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring it on all cars, trucks and SUVs by May 2018—is the rear-view backup camera.

    2015 Lexus RC F: 2014 Car of the Year

    I have had the opportunity, honor and privilege to drive a wide array of cars, trucks and vans during the past 12 months.

    Who Made Santa’s Auto List?

    Mary Barra.