Application Engineering

Perfecting Processes with Application Engineering

When quoting and specifying new part orders, automotive manufacturers require a high degree of confidence in their choice of technology and production processes. Volume production of components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and valve bodies demand precision and repeatability without compromising the cycle times necessary for competitive lead-times and part costs. In order to meet these expectations, companies must devote valuable engineering resources to the planning and optimization of production processes.

For many of today’s automotive manufacturers, internal engineering resources are already limited and unable to devote the necessary time and attention. In this type of environment, companies should consider seeking external support from experienced engineering services. These resources offer a wide range of engineering capabilities, from process planning and design to final development and installation. By selecting an experienced resource for engineering services, manufacturers can quote new production orders with the highest level of assurance.

Engineering services are at the core of Makino’s reputation for solutions development and support, offering robust, production-ready processes with guaranteed cycle times, Cpk and cost per part. Our engineers assist with all aspects of the production operation, including fixture and tooling design, process design, runoffs, technology transfer, installation and project management, to provide the most efficient and highest performing production environment. With a completed application engineering program from Makino, automotive manufacturers can focus on developing the business with confidence in their production processes.


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