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  • Sense & Technology


  • Safety & Autonomy

    Autonomous vehicles are either right around the corner or years away, but the effect they have on vehicle safety depends a lot on getting everything right.

  • TRW’s New Retractor


  • Your Really Smart Car

    Vehicles are being engineered with a silicon infrastructure that does everything from control the powertrain to allowing remote connections—including the possibility of hacking.

  • Next-Gen Pretensioner

    Snake pretensioner retractor seat belt assembly for global applications.

  • microMAX and a New Approach to Seat Belts

    TRW's seat belt concept for the microMAX.

  • Automotive Electronics & Changes in Product Development

    While consumer electronics have long had a fast development cadence, these speeds are indicative of the pace that the auto industry must move in this space.

  • Developing Airbags

    As airbags become more plentiful, the drive is on to reduce weight and cut development time while creating a set of common components.

  • On Electronics

    In-vehicle wireless charging system; scalable ACUs; lithium-ion battery tech.

  • Safety Tech

    You don’t want to get into an accident. But if you do, you probably want your vehicle equipped with the tech discussed here.

  • On Electronics


  • The Values of Innovation

    The ability to add value and be compensated for it is critical to being able to fund the next big thing (or the next in a series of incremental little things). And after all, if you are not making money on the value you add, why do it?

  • Sound Generators for EVs


  • On Electronics - January 2011

    Accelerometers for AirbagsA family of high-g acceleration sensors able to detect rapid deceleration of vehicles during a crash has been developed by STMicroelectronics ( These "AISI DS" peripheral-sensor accelerometers provide single-axis, in-plane motion sensing from ±20 to ±400 g.

  • On Electronics

    Although image sensors are being more widely used in vehicles to aid in parking and lane change assist, they’re effectiveness is often challenged in hot weather environments.

  • Safety Techniques for U.S. NCAP Requirements

    In preparing vehicle manufacturers to meet 2011 model year safety requirements from the U.S.

  • TRW Navigates Safety Technology

    Engineers at TRW are working on systems that can repurpose information generated from in-vehicle navigation systems to improve occupant safety.

  • On Electronics


  • Suppliers: Differently Unhappy


  • On Electronics - April 2009

    Reusing is eASEE It’s not uncommon to near the end of a software development cycle and lack the breadcrumbs to return to the original design, especially in the current environment of vehicle consolidation. Vector CANtech wants to make that process “eASEE.” Its new eASEE PLM software serves as a massive repository, but one that relationally links the data to map systems from legacy to contemporary software architectures. “It allows developers to share and reuse the data, but more importantly, to trace it once they’ve begun development,” says Mark Jensen, eASEE product line manager.


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