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  • When CAD Isn't Additive

    With the increasing popularity and advantage of additive manufacturing, a different set of design tools are required.

  • Accelerate: Nov/Dec 2013


  • 3D Printing Prototypes Faster and Cheaper

    Eight weeks.

  • Accelerate: August 2013

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    Here’s a look at some recent developments in the additive arena we saw last fall at EuroMold that can allow you to create things much more expeditiously than you otherwise might. . .

  • Accelerate: Nov/Dec

    Black ULTEM; More Scanning, Less Moving; Rapid Mfg to Double by '17; Point, Shoot, Scan

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    Better 3D materials; powerful powders/thriftier aluminum parts; wireless 3D printer; SLS material minds the gap.

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    3D printing; mainstreaming additive manufacturing and more.

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    3D printing; optical measuring and data acquisition sensor; free interactive CAD plug-in tool; cast urethane molding; 3D/2D software.

  • Accelerate: Euromold Considered: The Future Is Now


  • 3D Printing a Car. Yes, a Car.

    Although rapid prototyping isn’t uncommon in the auto industry (see:, the technology is typically used by automakers to make pieces and panels.

  • Rapid Prototyping: Bigger & Stronger

    Once it was all about small, fragile parts. But now, models made with rapid prototyping equipment are not only sizable, but durable.

  • Rapid Prototyping: Rapidly Getting Stronger

    When it comes to rapid prototyping (RP), there are a variety of available systems, but one statement holds true across them: “Materials are critical,” says Mervyn Rudgley, senior director for product development at 3D Systems (Valencia, CA). And when it comes to equipment, size matters, and for some, smaller is better.

  • A Quick Look at Rapid Prototyping

    Nowadays you have a slew of machines to choose from for making physical reality out of virtual solid models.


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