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  • Economically Advancing Metalcutting

    Here is a look at some of the equipment developed by Mazak for improved manufacturing operations.

  • Some NewTech for Manufacturing

    From machining centers to robots and plenty in between, here is a look at some recent developments in the field.

  • Accelerate: Nov/Dec 2013


  • On Mfg - July 2013

    Vertical grinder for small parts; Machining center for high production, Milling machine for complex parts.

  • Need to Know: IMTS 2012

    International Manufacturing Technology Show - September 10-15, 2012 - Chicago, IL.

  • New Machines from Mazak

    Here are some new machines that you should know about from Mazak.

  • Need To Know: IMTS 2010

    In its 28th year as the premier manufacturing technology show in North America, the 2010 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is being held Sept. 13 to 18 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

  • Variaxis 730-5X II Vertical Machining Center

    The Variaxis 730-5X II from Mazak is designed for machining heavy-duty aluminum and steel parts with complex features.

  • Advances in Metalcutting

    Grooving & SlittingGrooving and slitting ops are facilitated by a new family of tools launched by Sandvik Coromant ( There is the CoroMill 329 cutter, which deploys CoroCut two-edge inserts and a strong V-rail clamping interface.

  • Close Up: Mazak's Multifunctionals


  • Cutting It: An array of equipment that can help undertake even your most-demanding machining tasks

    What: Name & Source: Features & Functions.

  • Removing Metal

    Although there is an increased use of non-metallic materials in cars and components, there are still plenty of steel, cast iron, alloys, aluminum, magnesium, and other metals being transformed into parts on the one hand and chips on the other. Here's an array of equipment that can help make metal removal fast, accurate andefficient.

  • Culture & the Improvement of the Design Process

    It isn’t just about the tools of the trade that are found in various places on the pages of this magazine. It is also about how those tools are deployed. In the area of rapid prototyping—the world of product simulation—an MIT researcher has some interesting thoughts about the implications of models for successful companies.

  • Functional Crankshaft Prototypes in Hours: Mazak Makes It Possible

    This new development from Mazak allows powertrain engineers to produce steel crankshafts in about eight hours. Think of the implications for product development...and even for racing.

  • Changes Abound in Machining Center Capability

    Machine tool builders are coming up with some pretty innovative ways to capitalize on advances with both mechanical and electronic componentry. Here are some examples of both—including how they're mating the two together.

  • Cutting Tools & a High-Speed Chase

    For years, machine tool makers claimed their machines could work at higher speeds, if only cutting tools could perform effectively. Advances in cutting tool materials and technology seem to have evened the score. But who is the fastest?

  • Going Fast with 'Conventional' Equipment

    Here are two views from two separate companies—best known, probably, as transfer line manufacturers—about the importance of doing things differently by applying appropriate technology to production requirements.

  • Racing with Technology

    Here's a look at how CAD/CAM/CAE systems and CNC machine tools are being used by Team Rahal to develop vehicles that may be just a little bit faster than those that the other guys have on the track.

  • What Automotive Customers Look for In Machining Centers

    We put the question to a non-scientific cross-section of users and machine builders. What we found was a whole class of machining centers aimed at higher-than-traditional volumes. Speed and flexibility for operational agility is the name of the game.


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