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As seen in Automotive Design & Production

  • Sherry Sabbagh & the Pursuit of Color

    Although she started as a textile designer in New York and never imagined working on car interiors, Sherry Sabbagh has found the auto industry to be a tremendous palette—and pallet—for her work.

  • On Additive

    JCI's Brennon White talks about the developments he's seeing in the fast-moving field of additive manufacturing.

  • Getting to Green(er) Plastics

    As OEMs and suppliers strive to use more sustainable materials, biobased plastics are beginning to appear in more places, particularly in interior parts, but cost remains a barrier to wider use.

  • JCI on Electrification: There's Still Life in Lead-acid Batteries


  • Inside Story: Johnson Controls & Developing Seating

    Tom Gould talks about lifecycle analysis, engineers are important for designers, and why materials need to be authentic in interiors.

  • JCI Mannequin Meets Regional RQs

    JCI's mannequin allows determination of seating positions for seat and interior developments.

  • Interiors: Battle of the Bulk

    By rethinking designs and working toward more efficient solutions, seats will be major contributors to vehicle downsizing and lightweighting.

  • Product Development Techniques from Johnson Controls

    Here’s a look at how Johnson Controls creates leading interiors as well as cool ideas for clever products.

  • Maximizing the Minimal: JCI's re3 Concept


  • NISSAN'S Platform Play

    The mid-size 2005 Pathfinder, Nissan's largest design and development program to date, involved three technical centers, and took 36 months and countless trans-Pacific trips to complete. Though it borrows major components from the full-size Titan pickup and Armada SUV, it's not just a downsized clone.

  • New Age Interiors

    Be true to your attributes. Embrace conflict. Be authentic. No, these are not chapter headings for the latest self-help book, but some of the guidelines Johnson Controls, Inc. is using to frame the future of automotive interiors.

  • Bluetooth's Dirty Little Secret

    Implementing the short-range wireless technology Bluetooth in cars seems like a no-brainer.

  • PT Cruiser Convertible

    Designing, Engineering & Making The Drop-Top

  • Lights! Camera! Quality!

    At Johnson Controls’ annual Team Rally, acting skills are nearly as important as the ability to explain Six Sigma.

  • Creating the Inviting Interior

    Bill Fluharty, vice president of Industrial Design at Johnson Controls, not surprisingly thinks that the focus on automotive interiors is well overdue. Some of the drivers for this change of perspective may be surprising.

  • Common Systems = Common Sense

     It distinguishes great companies from the mediocre.

  • Value-added: Differently

    What do you get paid for?” John Waraniak, director of E-Business Speed, Johnson Controls, asks rhetorically.

  • Inside JCI Northwood

    Here's a look at a trend in interiors: providing complete, tested, in-sequence cockpits rather than just instrument panels. And Johnson Controls is building them just-in-time for the Jeep Liberty.

  • Depeche MODE

    A few thousand vehicles were displayed at the 2000 Mondial de l’Automobile (or Paris Auto Show as it’s known in a more popular parlance), but only a few stood out: those that did predicted a very fashionable—albeit gridlocked—future.

  • Words Heard at SAE 2000: A Select Sampling of the Buzz

    At this year’s SAE 2000 Congress & Exposition there was plenty of buzz and noise inside Cobo Center (including a Visteon-draped People Mover that rolled above the record-setting crowd). Here’s some of the audio, filtered.


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