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Renault: Playing It Smart


9. November 2010

Although the Formula One season isn’t quite over—there is one to go—what is over is the challenge for the Constructors’ Championship. Red Bull Racing has picked up that honor thanks to its one-two finish in Sunday’s Grand Prix in Sao Paulo.

The Red Bull team uses engines from Renault, so this is the third time in six years that the French company has been powering the teams that have won that title.

Renault F1

There’s something worth noting about this that goes beyond the quasi-interstellar technology that is at the heart of Formula One racing. Renault is clearly championing electric vehicles either through its own branded channels or with its Alliance partner Nissan.

Yet here it is, working to create powertrains that can compete at the highest level of motorsports.

Carlos Ghosn and his team are covering all the bets on the table. No matter which way it goes, they’re going to have the technology needed to address it.

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