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28. May 2012

Assuming that you’re just kicking back today (as it is Memorial Day in the U.S.) and have a little time on your hands, you might want to take about an hour and check out last Thursday’s “Autoline After Hours” show. There you can see host John McElroy joined by regular Autoextremist Peter DeLorenzo and your autofieldblogger talking about a variety of automotive subjects, ranging from Fiat and Mazda to Carroll Shelby.



In addition to which, they are joined by Craig Bierley, the Director of Buick and GMC Advertising and Promotions, who talks about the positioning of Buick (while not entirely ignoring its loyalists, it is positioning itself with more technology and performance [but no, there will be no Grand Nationals coming]) and other aspects of that division and the one that continues to be professional grade.


So get a glass of lemonade, kick back, and watch.

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