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“Autoline After Hours”: Spring Break


31. March 2012

As a certain number of you are on Spring Break, or thinking about being on one, and as you still have that abiding sense of staying (somewhat) serious about the auto industry, you might want to spend some time checking out the last installment of “Autoline After Hours,” as it is, well, somewhat Spring Break-like.

Here you’ll find the Autoextremist, our friend Peter DeLorenzo, in the host’s seat. He’s flanked by Mark Phelan, auto critic for the Detroit Free Press, Charlie Vogelheim of automotive social media firm Digital Air Strike, and yours truly, discussing everything from the hours-per-vehicle that Mercedes is working to achieve (you’ll be surprised) to the Porsche Panamera to the sound of engines.

Better than Spring Break, it is enjoyable and (somewhat) educational.

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