LATEST ISSUE: November 2014


Airframers vie for shares in growing short-haul market

FACC AG: Aerocomposites Powerhouse

Inside Manufacturing

Spread-tow technology takes off


Vibration-cancelling composite technology a boon for bicyclists

Boeing flight tests CMC engine nozzle

NASA announces two winners in “space taxi” competition

DARPA solicits ideas for new concepts in armored vehicles

Toray, Hexcel announce European carbon fiber production expansions


FACC: Aerospace infusion pioneer

FACC timeline: Engineer-centric evolution

Solar-powered flight: Where it all began

News Briefs

HPC November 2014: News Briefs

HPC November 2014: Correction


High-Performance Composites + Composites Technology = CompositesWorld

Show Coverage

SPE ACCE 2014 report


Combining curing processes for faster part production

PMI foam core outperforms honeycomb in infused nose landing gear doors

Focus on Design

Carbon fiber: Key to cost-conscious rehab

Testing Tech

The Picture Frame Shear Test method

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

The democratization of carbon fiber

By the Numbers

Composites Business Index 50.2: Industry flat since July