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LATEST ISSUE: September 2014

Products and Literature

CAMX 2014 preview: DMG MORI Ellison Technologies

CAMX 2014 preview: CHEMIR

CAMX 2014 preview: CGTech

3-D tool-pathing for waterjet machining

OOA epoxy vinyl esters for carbon fiber composites

CAMX 2014 preview: Axson Technologies

CAMX 2014 preview: C. A. Litzler

Digital vacuum gauge

CAMX 2014 preview: Renegade Materials

CAMX 2014 preview: Wisconsin Oven

CAMX 2014 preview: Sicomin

Epoxy composite tooling material

CAMX 2014 preview: L&L Products

CAMX 2014 preview: Dexmet

CAMX 2014 preview: Altair

Wide-format flat cutting system

Fiber optic strain sensing

Soluble plastic tooling cores

CAMX 2014 preview: Huntsman Advanced Materials

CAMX 2014 preview: BYK USA

CAMX 2014 preview: Solvay

CAMX 2014 preview: Cytec Industries

Ultrasound phased array wheel probe inspects composites

Automated dry material placement

CAMX 2014 preview: Airtech International

CAMX 2014 preview: Diversified Machine Systems (DMS)

CAMX 2014 preview: Hexcel

CAMX 2014 preview: Matrix Composites

CAMX 2014 preview: Anguil Environmental Systems

CAMX 2014 preview: The Composites Group

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

What will be the next major iteration in carbon fiber?


Software Update: Simulation saves

By the Numbers

Composites Business Index 50.6: Growth in 9 of 10 months


Destroyer deckhouse roof meets U.S. Navy fire code with phenolic composite

Camera-based ply placement cuts time, cost on complex rotorcraft parts


Software Update: Simulating a repair

Software update: Materials database support for simulation/analysis

Inside Manufacturing

Automating the CH-53K’s composite flexbeams

Market Trends

Disruptive technologies power small composites aerostructure firms to market party

Show Coverage

SAMPE Seattle 2014 Report

CFK-Valley Stade 2014 Conference Report

Farnborough 2014 Airshow Report

Speaking Out

Ramping up to the carbon fiber supply challenge


The Outlook for Thermoplastics in Aerospace Composites, 2014-2023


The best and brightest

Focus on Design

Resin infusion produces autoclave-capable tools for Scorpion jet

Testing Tech

The evolution of the modified D 695 compression test method