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Products and Literature

Styrene-free vinyl-less-the-ester

Economical press molding

Flax and hemp composites

Carbon fiber, sized for thermoplastics

New-generation, recyclable PET foam core

Fabrics for Class A surfaces, and more

Ultrasound NDT update

Binding, toughening agent

Infusion pressure-control valve

Versatile ply placement guide

Thermoforming press

Thermoplastics-compatible glass fiber

High volume, in autoclave

Large, 3-D part machining center

Surfacing veils

Rapid-cure epoxies and polyurethanes

Carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg for autocomposites

Automotive prepregs, PVC core

Commercial-grade carbon fiber for thermoplastics

Digital tension control system

3-D beam weaving

Composites cost-estimating software

Fast-cure epoxy for HP-RTM

New end mills for composites



Composite Essential Materials revives Nida-Core/3M’s U.S. core business

More wind farm installations in the energy industry forecast

Carbon fiber featured in new electrical transmission cable

By the Numbers

Composites Business Index 51.8: Growth rate cools


Automated cutting accelerates

Show Coverage

2014 JEC Europe Review

Composites: Past, Present and Future

Why are suppliers morphing into fabricators? Part II


Automated flatbed cutters: Reliability ensures productivity

Molding i3 body panels

Contract cutting and kitting

Inside Manufacturing

BMW Leipzig: The epicenter of i3 production


Where are they now?


Towerless turbine: Airborne system powers rural locales

Public transit: Modular composites update Sao Paulo ferries

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

Is it possible to change the infrastructure paradigm?

Engineering Insights

GFRP enables first grid-connected U.S. floating wind turbine