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LATEST ISSUE: August 2014

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

Reshoring, right shoring and innovation: Implications for composites

Products and Literature

Textbook explores mechanics of adhesives

3-D software for efficient fiber placement and tape laying of complex structures

Undercutting core tool

Plasticator for long glass fiber-filled thermoplastics

Digital vacuum gauge

Glass-filled polymers for selective laser sintering

Epoxy composite tooling material

Sandable, planeable composite staples

Wide-format flat cutting system

Simulation, analysis software

Flame-resistant PVDF

Large-format FRP sheets


Solar boat: Bonding the best

Hyperbaric chamber: Portable, pliable FRP handles pressure

Event pavilion: SMC panels ensure architectural authenticity


The Odd Couple

By the Numbers

Composites Business Index 54.5: Growth remains strong

Engineering Insights

Car seat concept scores a first