ARTICLE ARCHIVE - November 2008



Green Is Free

Over There? No, Over Here!

New Engine Mount Technologies

Lasers for Micromachining

Suzuki Diversifies 4-cyl. Engine Range

Combining Physical and Virtual Reality

GM's 1.4-Liter Pulls Double Duty

solidThinking: Making Product Design More Intuitive


Insight: Implications Of The Economic Melt Down

Profiles: Denise Gray: Electrifying GM's Future

Competitive Challenges: The Leadership Imperative

Insider: Our Little Canary

Dudder: Piquette Avenue

Marginal: Burst Bubble

EuroAuto: Hybrids, Diesel, Gas?

Close Up: Kitmaura Mycenter-HX1000i


VW's Clean Diesel (No, That's Not an Oxymoron)

Beyond Rapid Prototyping: Direct Manufacturing

Silicone Sleeve Grain Embossing

The Reconfigurable Display Revolution

Chrysler Warps Time To Improve Interiors

Does Motorsports Matter?

A Brief Look at Lasers

Enviromental Issues: Beyond Petroleum

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: November 2008