ARTICLE ARCHIVE - September 2007



Calculating Noise

Optimized Front End Module

New Mag Process for Cost-Effective Components

Better Broaching Through (Steel) Processing

Get the Drift? Small Cars Go Rear-Drive

The Return of Alfa

Hyundai Goes Euro Style

Mercedes Tweaks SUV Range

Mazda2: Light and “Speedy”

PT Cruiser Rolls On. And On.

Magnetic Pulse Welding: Ready for Prime Time?


Marginal: Facing Reality

Insider: The Nardelli Factor

Competitive Challenges: The Big Three & the UAW

EuroAuto: Generating Interest in Engineering & Manufacturing

Insight: Renewed Commitment to Mexico

Profiles: Something Cool From Canada

Objects of Interest - September 2007

Dudder: The All-American


CHRYSLER’S ’08 MINIVANS: Raising The Bar

‘08 HONDA ACCORD: Continuous Improvement Action

Flexible, Capable, Production Machining

Along Came A Spyder

Designing Things Right

Engineering A Serious Chassis