ARTICLE ARCHIVE - September 2008



GM Improves Powertrain Throughput

Nissan Redesigns the Fuel Cell

Ocean-Front Property in Georgetown, Kentucky

“Green” Steel

GM’s Light Truck Strategy: Nip and Tuck

’09 Volkswagen Golf Revealed


The Future Of Electric Steering Assist

AVL's Holistic Approach To Powertrain Testing

Multi-CAD Enviroments

Acoustic Quality Control

Mazda6: Lessons Learned

KIA's Borrego: Right Vehicle, Wrong Time?

Software As a Service For ERP

The Future Of Steering

Dodge Challenger: Mopar's Modern Muscle Car

VW Pursues Advanced Electronics

Maxima: Sports Car As Daily Driver


Dudder: Skeptics Welcome

EuroAuto: Formula One: Beyond the Engine Freeze

Competitive Challenges: It's What's Up Front That Counts

Insight: A Problem-Solving Tool for Problematic Times

Marginal: Better Green than (in the) Red

Insider: Detroit's Katrina

Profiles: Chris Theodore: Keeping Performance Alive

Close Up: KUKA KR 1000 Titan

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: September 2008