ARTICLE ARCHIVE - January 2008



Baltimore Builds GM’s 2-Mode

Chevy’s $100,000 Corvette

The Incredible Shrinking Hummer

IBM Works to Expand the Reach of PLM

Compact Power Delivers

More Than Elementary Savings

SOFC: The Other Fuel Cell


PLASTICS: Playing For Time?

A Brief History of smart: Production Car As Fashion Statement

GOING GREEN: The Challenges & The Solutions

The '08 Malibu: Serious This Time

The Ultimate Design Machine: BMW Designworks

HONDA'S FCX CLARITY: The Future of Transportation is Clear

On-Demand ERP Is Here


Marginal: Tough Love

Competitive Challenges: The ABCs of Successful M&As

Objects of Interest: January

Insight: The Economic Crisis—and Beyond

EuroAuto: Gearboxes and the Challenges of Racing

Dudder: The Fuel Efficiency Follies

Close Up: Alfing AL Series

Insider: Don’t Batten Down the Hatches

Profiles - Advancing Interiors