ARTICLE ARCHIVE - December 2007



Hybrid System for Testing Hybrids

Reams of Power

Fast, Cheap & Accurate Sensor Systems

Testing for a Comfortable Seat

Ideas & Answers

Wagons Whoa!

BMW Plant Transformation

No Hot Air

PLM Software Facilitates Managing Innovations

The Return of Alfa

Measuring the COT

New Bio-Based Polyol: Green & Less Odiferous

The 40th Tokyo Motor Show: Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

The Wisdom of [Fake] Steve

Scary for a SCARA?

Infiniti’s EX Displays New Key Technologies

Calculating Noise

Ford’s Friendlier Painting

Cyber Sweatshops

Nano Tech—Big for Thermoplastics?

Advancing Powertrain Technology

E Is for Ergo


Not Real, But Close Enough

When Design Meets Assembly Good Things Can Happen

Building An Amazing Audi: The R8

Formula 1 Hybrid Technology

Second-Gen Sequoia: Leveraging The Tundra (Or Vice-Versa)

The Innovation Situation

Every One Is A Special Project


Dudder: Horse Tales

EuroAuto: Building Better—and Different—Brakes

Insider: Back In the Game

Competitive Challenges: Predicting 2008

Marginal: Real

Objects of Interest - December 2007

Insight: The Game Changers