Looking at the 2015 Lincoln MKC

On the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and GTI

Amko Leenarts: Inside Story


Improving Productivity and Efficiency for Automotive Part Manufacturing
According to consulting firm IRN Inc., the automotive industry is expected to launch an average of 120 new vehicles annually through 2020...

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  • Looking at the 2015 Lincoln MKC

    Lincoln has promised four all-new vehicles in four years. The MKC, C-segment crossver, is the second. And it is likely to be the best seller of all due to keen attention to design and engineering.

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  • On the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and GTI

    The Golf is the successor to the Beetle, and Volkswagen's all-time top seller. And while the seventh generation has been built in Germany since 2013, it is now being built in a plant in Mexico and has come to America.

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  • Amko Leenarts: Inside Story

    "We are global, so I am designing cars for the whole world," says Amko Leenarts, who heads up Ford's global interior design. And to think he once thought he'd be designing interiors for buildings as a career.