The Lexus NX: Competitive Crossover for a Competitive Space

Continental: Heads Up

Racing Toward Electrification


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The Road to Smart Transportation: What About the Ruts?

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Improving Productivity and Efficiency for Automotive Part Manufacturing
According to consulting firm IRN Inc., the automotive industry is expected to launch an average of 120 new vehicles annually through 2020...

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  • The Lexus NX: Competitive Crossover for a Competitive Space

    Here’s a look at the development of a new luxury crossover from the company that arguably created the segment in the first place with its RX 300. This time, it is a compact from Lexus.

  • Continental: Heads Up

    Working toward improving driver safety and the overall driving experience, Continental is developing advanced technology that makes heads-up displays even more useful. Why heads-up displays? Because drivers keep their eyes where they belong, on the road ahead.

  • Racing Toward Electrification

    Audi, Porsche and Toyota showed different approaches to vehicle electrification as they squared off at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.