Manufacturing Electrified Vehicles in Wolfsburg

Volt: The Next Generation

Mirai Means “The Future”: Toyota’s Production Fuel Cell Car


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  • Manufacturing Electrified Vehicles in Wolfsburg

    The historic plant has built—and is building—a lot of cars in its 70-year run of commercial vehicle production. Today, with the e-Golf and the GTE, it is making what are arguably the most-advanced Volkswagens out there.

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  • Volt: The Next Generation

    Larry Nitz, executive director of GM Global Transmissions and Electrification, says that owners of the first-generation Chevrolet Volt are “probably one of the most studied groups of vehicle owners” ever. Some 60% of Volt owners are anonymously providing data to GM via OnStar. And thanks to what GM engineers have learned, they are transforming Volt for the next generation.

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  • Mirai Means “The Future”: Toyota’s Production Fuel Cell Car

    From the people who created the first mass-produced hybrid passenger car, the Prius, comes the first mass- produced hydrogen-powered passenger car, the Mirai. Yes, Toyota is making another big bet on the future.