On the 2016 Sonata Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid

Freightliner Goes Autonomous

Making Tires from Weeds (Seriously)


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  • On the 2016 Sonata Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid

    While gas is comparatively inexpensive as Hyundai introduces its new hybrids, the company knows that things can change. To say nothing of the fact that there are issues like CAFE to be addressed.

  • Freightliner Goes Autonomous

    Class 8 trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 33,000 lb. or more. So if you’re going to make one that can drive semi-autonomously (driver, yes; controlling the vehicle all the time, no) on public roads, then you really need to get it right. Which is what Daimler Trucks North America has done—and it has license plates from the state of Nevada to prove it.

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  • Making Tires from Weeds (Seriously)

    While many people bring out the Roundup to get rid of those vexing dandelions, the people at Continental Tire are finding that the weeds can serve as a source for rubber.